Portraits with Priyanka Bose in Central Park, New York City.

Take a look at this fearless portrait photography session with Priyanka Bose in Central Park. An absolutely beautiful woman and a stunning background in Central Park. Priyanka Bose is currently starring in Nirbhaya The Play. For more information please check out the following links: http://nirbhayatheplay.com New York Times Review Vice News Ar[...]

Lauren and Dan, Central Park Wedding.

Central Park is one of my favorite venues for weddings. The combination of nature, with the backdrop of the city makes for absolutely stunning wedding photos. Take a look at Lauren and Dan's wedding photos at Central Park. Central Park Wedding Photographer | Wedding Photography in Central Park & Brooklyn, NY

Portraits with Noelle in Santa Barbara, California.

Interview with Gary Snyder  Snyder: Ok. Here's a little one called "They are listening'. I'll read it and then I'll tell you the story behind it. Because it's so short. As the crickets' soft autumn hum is to us, so are we to the trees. As are they to the rocks and the hills. Somebody gave this the title "They are listening." I didn't title it initi[...]

Meredith & Ryan's Wedding at Jalopy Theatre, Brooklyn, NY.

[audio:http://vikmphoto.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/01-tennessee.mp3] I’ve known Ryan and Meredith for about 3 years. I met Ryan at Rockaway Beach, where he spends most of his time surfing, when he’s not teaching Anthropology at CUNY University. Meredith and Ryan couldn’t be more perfect for each other. Music brought them to[...]

Above the Clouds at Mt.Tamalpais, San Francisco.

Last month I visited San Francisco and had a chance to meet a couple of my favorite photographers, Nirav Patel and Ed Peers. They hosted a one-day photography workshop called Every Wedding is an Adventure, and it surely lived up to that title. It was truly an invigorating experience, and a great opportunity to meet other photographers around the US and [...]