The SUNDAYS series has been created to document you, and your loved ones on a typical Sunday afternoon. Often times we hear the term “family portraits”, and that title itself seemed a bit boring and staged to me. I am not opposed to some images where everyone smiles and says cheese at the camera… but this series is meant to capture your true nature around the people you love the most in life.

My style is simple, there will be natural moments captured using natural light. Sessions are typically 2 hours, and I prefer sticking to Sundays so we can all keep it real.

For me, Sundays are a time for reflection. A time for rejuvenation. When I was younger I disliked Sundays… mostly because I knew I had school the following day, and a ton of homework to complete. Sundays have now become my favorite day of the week, and having the opportunity to enter into other people’s lives on a Sunday is exciting as well as inspiring for me. From simple mundane activities like reading the New York Times on a Sunday morning, or making pancakes with your kids, it’s all worth capturing. I’m a fly on the wall for a couple of hours capturing your story. Watch out, before the world is behind you!

Click here to check out some examples of a typical SUNDAYS series.

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